October 3, 2013

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is investing an additional $3 million in Ontario's Student Nutrition Program. The investment, which is part of the Healthy Kids Strategy, will create more than 200 new breakfast and morning meal programs for approximately 33,000 kids in higher-needs communities, including First Nations communities.


Province Expanding Student Nutrition Program

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is investing an additional $3 million in Ontario's Student Nutrition Program. The investment, which is part of the Healthy Kids Strategy, will create more than 200 new breakfast and morning meal programs for approximately 33,000 kids in higher-needs communities, including First Nations communities.

The funding will also support the hiring of 14 food distribution and logistics co-ordinators across the province. Co-ordinators will work with new and existing programs to build stronger partnerships with local businesses and food distribution networks.

New Breastfeeding Supports for Moms and Babies

As part of Ontario's Healthy Kids Strategy, the government has announced it is investing more than $2.5 million to help families give their infants a sound nutritional start by:

  • Providing 24-hour telephone access to expert support for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • Supporting Ontario's hospitals and community health care organizations with training, tools, guidance and resources to help them achieve the World Health Organization's Baby-Friendly Initiative designation and adopt clinical best practices in infant feeding that meet Baby-Friendly Initiative designation requirements.
  • Targeted support for mothers in population groups that have lower rates of breastfeeding.
  • Providing new resources to support breastfeeding through Best Start: Ontario's Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre.

A Social Enterprise Strategy for Ontario

Ontario has launched a new plan that will help social enterprises start and grow their businesses.

Impact - A Social Enterprise Strategy for Ontario  will support social entrepreneurs and attract investors by focusing on four key areas:

  • Coordinating and communicating information to, and about, social entrepreneurs, including exploring new ways to help create 'hybrid' corporations that reinvest profits in a social purpose.
  • Increasing awareness of the sector using tools like an interactive web portal where social entrepreneurs could meet and connect with investors, and access services.
  • Creating a vibrant social finance marketplace through initiatives including exploring the launch of a new $4 million Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund to support early-stage social enterprises.
  • Delivering other innovative supports, like a pilot program to help social enterprises be part of procurements related to the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.


Royal Proclamation 250th anniversary commemoration

Monday, October 7, 2013 marks the 250th anniversary of the issuing of the Royal Proclamation under the authority of King George III.

The Proclamation represents the first time that Aboriginal title was recognized by a European power and laid the foundation for a constitutional relationship between the Crown in Canada and "the Indian Tribes of North America". The Proclamation marked the official launch of the Treaty Relationship in what was to become Canada.

The Union of Ontario Indians is planning a ceremonial event at the head office on Hwy. 17 West to commemorate the significance of the Royal Proclamation.


Waterloo Region’s Mentoring Pairs for Child Care

The Mentoring Pairs for Child Care – Continuing the Momentum Initiative is alive and well in Waterloo Region for another year.

Mentoring Pairs for Child Care is a province-wide program aimed at enhancing child care quality by matching more experienced child care supervisors with less experienced child care supervisors in their own communities.

OMSSA has participated in the mentoring project advisory group in the past and is pleased to see its current success in Waterloo.

New Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity Website

The Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity has launched a new website. The new site includes a revamped layout and the Institute's new blog on economic and public policy issues.

A Report on Youth Unemployment in Ontario

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario Office has released a new report The Young and the Jobless: Youth Unemployment in Ontario that examines youth joblessness in Ontario post-recession. 

A detailed analysis of the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey reveals Ontario’s youth continue to experience unemployment levels that are twice as high as the overall provincial unemployment level. Ontario is competing with the Maritime provinces for being the toughest place in Canada for youth to land a job. 


OMSSA’s 2013 Human Services Integration Policy Conference

Join us December 3-4 for the 2013 Policy Conference:  Municipal Human Service System Management: 15 Years after Local Services Realignment.

Did you know that Ontario is one of the only jurisdictions in North America where municipal governments are responsible for the planning, funding, delivery and management of human and health services? This two day conference examines Ontario’s unique social policy landscape beginning with Local Services Realignment in the 1990’s to the landmark Provincial Municipal Fiscal Services Delivery Review and the present day social policy transformation. Delegates will gain an insider’s view to the history of the complex dynamics of the provincial-municipal relationship and what we need to think about for the future role CMSMs and DSSABs have in serving Ontario’s communities.

 Local, national and international speakers will engage delegates in provocative discussions on emerging issues and the role of local government.

  • Learn how municipalities in Germany have merged services to sustain rural communities and economies.
  • Think about what a centralized benefits system might look like and what it means for income supports in Ontario.
  • Consider new ways to engage local employers to support people with disabilities in getting and keeping jobs.
  • What does the Integrated Social Assistance Management Framework really mean and how will it affect the work you do?
  • Understand new ways to tell the story on why the work you do matters.
  • In an age of no new government funding what opportunities are available to develop affordable housing?
  • New funding model, new considerations for child care in your communities .
  • And much more.

This year’s policy conference is intended to get us thinking about tomorrow today and the emerging service system management role of CMSMs and DSSABs.

Registration will open later in October. Registration fees are available here and to book your accommodations at the group rate of $182/night (until November 4) at the conference hotel, Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre, click here.

Click here to view highlights and videos from the 2012 Policy Conference:  Human Services Integration in Practice: Realizing the Vision

Upcoming OMSSA Education Opportunities

Leading and Managing Projects

October 15 – 16, 2013 in Toronto

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Leading and managing projects is both a technical and a people management task. This workshop gives you the tools and techniques to accomplish the technical aspects of project management as well as the softer skills of managing teams – skills that are needed for successful project completion.  This workshop will be useful for anyone who needs the tools to manage single or multiple projects.

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Better Beginnings, Better Futures

October 18, 2013 – In Ottawa

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Started in 1991 in 3 pilot communities by the Government of Ontario, the Better Beginnings, Better Futures (BBBF) project is an innovative, community-based project designed to support the development of young children and their families living in disadvantaged communities. It is a flexible, ecological model that addresses the needs of children in low-income communities beginning from JK to Grade 2 through family, school, and community programs. It is not a “one size fits all”, top-down package, but rather a collection of strategies that can be shaped by communities to address their unique needs.

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ERO Core Training

October 23 - 25, 2013 in Barrie

November 6 - 8, 2013 in Toronto

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The eligibility review process is a series of detailed steps and procedures that must be followed in order to assess and investigate Ontario Works eligibility and referrals. This 3-day workshop will provide you with guides and tips to conducting an investigation, reviewing the differences between civil, provincial offences and criminal prosecutions, the use of discretion when deciding upon the pursuit of a judicial outcome and many other facets of the ERO world. This is your opportunity to work with the Ontario Works legislation, applying it to case studies in preparation for carrying out an investigation from the initial receipt of the tip/information to the final outcome.

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Webinar:  Time Management Strategies

November 13, 2013 10:00am – 11:30am

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Attend this webinar to gain the essential tips and strategies you need to manage your time more effectively. This webinar will help you to recognize your time style, identify time wasters, construct a healthy, prioritized “To Do” list and generate more time through delegation.

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Interested in the topic, but unable to attend the session?

Consider bringing any of these topics or other OMSSA workshops in-house in 2013. Contact Christie Abramovic, Senior Coordinator of Education, at cabramovic@omssa.com to make custom arrangements for bringing any OMSSA workshop to your staff and community.