February 7, 2013

Dear OMSSA members and friends,

Join me today in saying good-bye and wishing well Deborah McGee, OMSSA’s outgoing Finance and Administration Coordinator.

February 7, 2013

Dear OMSSA members and friends,

Join me today in saying good-

bye and wishing well Deborah McGee, OMSSA’s outgoing Finance

and Administration Coordinator.

Deb’s last day is tomorrow as she starts a new life in Kingston,

Ontario next week! Deb is moving there to be closer to family, including two lovely

grandchildren. Deb, who has served OMSSA well for five years, will be missed, but we also

know this is an exciting new chapter for her. Congratulations Deb!

All my best, Kira

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) identifies important first steps in social

assistance transformation

As Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne has indicated her intention of moving forward with social

assistance transformation, AMO released

a statement this week identifying important

considerations and first steps in this work.

In addition to adhering to the principles of the Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery

Review Agreement, AMO believes that a strong, collaborative provincial-municipal partnership

is needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

AMO and OMSSA continue to work on an initial municipal response to the recommendations

from the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario. This response should be

available shortly.

OMSSA will continue to work with AMO and engage the OMSSA Employment and Income Issues

Network (EIIN) on this matter.

News from Queen’s Park and Ontario

Premier-Designate Wynne Meets with Leaders of Opposition Parties

Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne has met with Progressive Conservative (PC) Party opposition

leader Tim Hudak and New Democratic Party (NDP) party leader Andrea Horwath to discuss

priorities for the upcoming session of the legislature, which will be reconvened on February 19.

The Premier-designate and her cabinet will be sworn in on February 11.

In meeting with the PC leader, the Premier-

designate accepted the PC party’s white papers on a

variety of issues including social assistance reform. The recent “Welfare to Work” paper

provided a number of discussion points on how to reform social assistance in Ontario.



of the discussion paper can be found here.

In meeting with the NDP leader, the Premier-designate focused on finding common ground such

as job creation, closing corporate tax loopholes, and moving on social assistance reform. Both

leaders agreed to move forward in a transparent manner. The NDP has stated that they will ask

for conditions such as ensuring that deficit cost-cutting does not hurt the most vulnerable and

the need to implement measures to improve frontline health care. Andrea Horwath also spoke

to the need for restrictions on prorogation of the legislature, with the Premier-designate making

a commitment to discussing the potential for a new framework and guidelines on this issue.

Tim Hudak has said he hopes to meet again soon with the Premier-designate but expects to see

a plan to move forward on some of his ideas. The Premier-designate has stated that her staff

will meet with NDP officials to discuss some of the NDP’s proposals.

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan to Retire

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan

has announced that he will be stepping down from his

post and resigning his seat effective Feb. 14, 2013. He made the news official on Twitter and

Facebook. Duncan made it clear after Dalton McGuinty announced he was stepping down as

Liberal leader that he would follow McGuinty's cue and leave provincial politics.

Duncan has been an MPP since 1995 and has won five straight elections.

The decision means incoming Premier Kathleen Wynne will be faced with at least one byelection

though some analysts believe more Liberals will resign in the next few weeks.

For more reaction on the announcement read the

Premier's Statement on Dwight Duncan and


Premier-designate's response.

New Council to Help Make Ontario Even More Accessible

The Government of Ontario has appointed a new council to remove barriers for people with

disabilities. In response to recommendations by Charles Beer's

review of Ontario's accessibility


, the government is establishing the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council which will be

chaired by Jim Sanders, former president and CEO of CNIB.

Government of Canada Investment Connects Youth with Jobs in Forestry

Announced by the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills

Development, the Government of Canada is partnering with the forestry industry to connect

youth with jobs in forestry and address skills shortages. Launched by the Forest Products

Association of Canada, the

Greenest Workforce initiative has two components. The first is a new


TheGreenestWorkforce.ca, which provides information on career opportunities in

Canada’s forestry industry. The second is the Green Dream Internship, a video competition that

will award paid internships with forest products companies to eight students across the country.

Conference on Precarious Employment in the GTA & Hamilton

The United Way Toronto and McMaster University are presenting a

one-day conference on the


and impact of precarious employment in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas.

The conference will include the official release of a report titled

It’s More than Poverty, which

includes new primary research on the prevalence of precarious employment and its harmful

effects on individuals, families and communities.

It’s More than Poverty: Precarious Employment in the GTA and Hamilton

Monday, 25 February 2013 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Central YMCA - Auditorium

20 Grosvenor Street

Toronto, ON

Report Released on the State of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada

The state of early childhood education and care in Canada 2010: Trends and analysis


the ‘state of’ early childhood education and child care in Canada during the period 2008 –


using cross-Canada and longitudinal data. The report was developed and published by the

Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) and data available in

Public investments in early

childhood education and care in Canada 2010

, published by the Government of Canada


Canadian Urban Institute's tenth annual Urban Leadership Awards


Urban Leadership Awards(ULA) Program is an annual initiative designed to recognize those

who have made significant contributions to improving the quality of life in Canada's cities and

urban regions. ULA recipients define the very nature of "leadership" and can be organizations,

News from Ottawa

Resource Corner

Links to current research and other resources to support OMSSA members

groups or individuals who demonstrate a calling and a vision, tenacity, creativity, energy and


The award ceremony will be held on June 17th, 2013 in Ottawa, Ontario. The deadline for

submitting a nomination is Friday, March 1st 2013.

To recognize an individual, group or organization that has made an outstanding contribution,

submit a nomination under one of the following award categories:

City Soul, City Champion,

Global City and Innovation, Prosperity and Renewal, and Youth


A Report Card on Canada Released

Earlier this week, the Conference Board of Canada released its new website

How Canada

Performs: A Report Card on Canada

. How Canada Performs is a multi-year research program to

help leaders identify relative streng

ths and weaknesses in Canada’s socio-economic

performance. The website presents data and analysis on Canada’s performance relative to that

of 16 peer countries in six performance categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment,

Education and Skills, Health, and Society.


on Canadian Parents’ Knowledge and Satisfaction Regarding their Childs Day-Care


Published in the Journal of Early Childhood Research,

the study examines parental selection

criteria and satisfaction with day care, knowledge about centre philosophy, teacher education

and quality of the day-care environment. Parents and educators in 44 non-profit centres in

three Canadian cities participated.

Caledon Institute issues pre-Budget Commentary

In the commentary,

As the fiscal chill thaws: social policy ideas for the medium term, Ken

Battle, Sherri Torjman and Michael Mendelson suggest that we need to begin now to develop

well thought-out ideas for social policy reform. It sets out 12 areas for future social investments

by the federal government, including increases to the Canada Child Tax Benefit and

enhancements to the adequacy and coverage of the Working Income Tax Benefit.

The paper recognizes that it is not possible to introduce major changes in all 12 areas at the

same time. It argues, instead, for an incremental approach in which gradual steps are taken

toward the achievement of fundamental reforms.

2013 OMSSA Awards and Recognition Program

Reminder that the Nominations deadline has

been extended to February 22, 2013

OMSSA Highlights

News from the Association


The OMSSA Awards and Recognition Program celebrates the work of individuals and

organizations who have made outstanding contributions to both OMSSA and their communities

in delivering quality human services in Ontario.

Awards will be presented during the

OMSSA Learning Symposium in Ottawa (June 16th-19th,

2013). The nominations deadline has been extended until February 22th

– but don’t delay, send

in your nomination as early as possible.

More information and nomination forms are available on the

OMSSA Website.