2015 Learning Symposium and Annual General Meeting


Cultivating Innovation, Strengthening Communities

June 21-24, 2015

John D. Bradley Convention Centre, 565 Richmond St, Chatham

Celebrating OMSSA's 65th Anniversary!

The 65th OMSSA Learning Symposium, "Leadership in Human Services: Cultivating Innovation, Strengthening Communities" brought together municipal service managers, provincial government staff, community and sector partners to share best practices and provide innovative examples of leadership in human services in Ontario.

Opportunities to influence key provincial initiatives

This year's OMSSA Learning Symposium also featured consultations on 3 key provincial initiatives:

SAMS Transition Implementation Plan: the Ministry of Community and Social Services is moving forward on PricewaterhouseCoopers recommendations on SAMS transition implementation. Meet with the Program Manager and transition team for input on some first steps.

Community Hubs Consultations: meet with Karen Pitre, Special Advisor to the Premier on Community Hubs and provincial representatives and provide recommendations to ensure the success of the provincial community hub initiative.

Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Renewal: the Ministry of Municipal Affairs wants your input on moving Ontario's Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy forward. Share your experience, ideas and recommendations on what is needed to get more people housed and sustain the system.

 For more detailed information on these consultations and other program highlights please visit the conference app www.eventmobi.com/ls2015


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