2018 Leadership Symposium and Annual General Meeting

Pursuing New Opportunities,

New Ways: One Mission

May 28 - 30, 2018

Caesars Windsor

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Different concepts of Change Management have been around for several years, and depending on backgrounds, stakeholders have applied different tools and methodologies to facilitate change in organizations, programs, teams and individuals. 

Change management can be defined as people oriented and requires all levels of leadership - from senior managers to front line staff - to welcome change. 

When the process of change management is executed skillfully, and considers modern and innovative approaches, it becomes easier for all stakeholders to move towards that common goal. 

The 2018 Leadership Symposium, Pursuing New Opportunities, New Ways: One Mission will provide you with the opportunity to discuss change and change approaches that impact planning and the effects those plans have on members of your community.  This two day event will equip you with the information, tools, resources and introduce you to best practices that will assist you in leading and championing change in human services. 

Plenary and workshop sessions will delve into topics such as cultural change, the impacts of benefits modernization, workforce change, change measurement and much more. 

The conference will be of interest to all OMSSA members from Commissioners, CAOs, Managers, Supervisors and Front Line staff.

Travel to Windsor by air, train or car.