2018 Employment Forum

Moving Clients Forward in a Modern Age

September 18, 2018

Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront

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The 2018 Employment Forum is specifically designed to meet the training needs of front line staff, the Service Experts who work directly with people needing assistance with employment. The 2018 forum brings together innovators, experts and experienced practitioners from across Ontario to share successful approaches and new information, and to equip attendees with real-world skills that they can immediately apply to challenging situations in their own workplaces to help move clients forward in today's modern age.

Motivational Interviewing: It works well with individuals who are unmotivated, unprepared, or resistant to change. Learn how this counselling intervention method can move clients through the stages of change and help them find their motivation. 

Harnessing Employment Opportunities in New Economies:  This session delves deeper into the new economic models discussed in the morning plenary. The sharing economy, green economy, and gig economy have created opportunities for job seekers to find sustainable work locally, and globally through virtual models. This session will focus on strategies that service providers can implement to position job seekers to participate within these new economies. Participants will build on existing knowledge and receive a range of resources and practical tools. They will also review examples of strategies that have enabled individuals to overcome persistent barriers.

Mental Health and Addictions Support:  Learn more about a program, offered by Addiction & Mental Health Services – Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington, that supports individuals who are in recovery from a mental health crisis or addiction and considering entry or re-entry into the workforce. Using their program as a model, the workshop leaders will discuss strategies for helping clients prepare for, find and keep a job. 

Connecting Clients and Employers with Technology: The District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board has dramatically reduced OW cases with a database that connects employers with potential candidates. Discover the secrets to DNSSAB’s success and find out how Niagara Region has customized its approach to create a database that uploads SAMS information and matches OW and ODSP clients to both jobs and training. 

Digital Inclusion - A Necessity, Not A Luxury: When it comes to job-search and retention, and even every day survival, computer skills are becoming more critical by the digital minute. In this session, digital literacy and employment services experts will share tips and strategies for helping clients from different generations and ESL clients overcome barriers and build a foundational understanding of digital technology.

Coach’s Corner: Learn all about a County Norfolk program that provides career coaching to OW clients after they find a job. Find out how the county’s coaches help individuals maintain financial independence by working with clients to identify and solve problems early on, and by helping them develop career advancement and educational plans. 

Closing Plenary:  Comedian Evan Carter

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The forum is being developed in partnership with the Association of Municipal Employment Services (AMES).