Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Activities - Nov. 4, 2011

Understanding the Ontario Renovates Program 
November 4, 2011

On November 4, Service Managers across Ontario gathered the following day to discuss the new Ontario Renovates program. To view presentations and for more information, please click here.

Developing a Strategy for your Public Housing Stock 
November 3, 2011

On November 3, OMSSA hosted a one day event to help service managers start the conversation about developing a strategy for their public housing stock.  To view presentations and for more information, please click here.

Housing and Homelessness Conference 2010 -Partnerships for People

This year's Housing and Homelessness Conference brings together housing service managers, shelter providers, representatives of community agencies and government to network and discuss how to ensure Ontario families are provided the best access to quality housing options. For information about the 2010 Conference, please click here.  

For information on the 2009 conference including workshop presentations please click here.

Ending Homelessness Task Force - 2008

Over the past year, OMSSA's Ending Homelessness Task Force has examined how solutions can be found to the problem of homelessness in communities across Ontario. This study has resulted in the issuing of a discussion paper, A Strategy to End Homelessness, which outlines priority areas for action on the part of the federal and provincial governments.

OMSSA-SHSC Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing - 2009

The OMSSA-SHSC Joint Task Force on Affordable Housing was charged with developing a paper that articulates the organizations' joint vision on the interrelationships between social/affordable housing and human services in Ontario. The final paper, Housing, Homes, and Healthy Communities is intended to provide a vehicle for discussion with federal, provincial, and municipal officials on how to realize this vision for affordable housing.

Ontario Association of Hostels (OAH)

OMSSA provides association management services to the Ontario Association of Hostels, the provincial coordinating body for emergency hostels in Ontario, and cooperates with the association in staging the annual Forum on Social Housing and Homelessness.

Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN)

In January 2010, the Service Manager Housing Network (SMHN) merged with OMSSA to create a new, stronger and more vibrant organization with a deepened understanding and commitment to social housing.

The Service Manager Housing Network is a network of the 47 municipal service managers responsible for the administration of social housing in Ontario. The network is intended to formalize communication among service managers and their partners, to promote professional development amongst members and to manage and advise on social housing policy and program issues from the service managers' perspective.

Recent SMHN projects include the Human Services Integration Project, an initiative to promote the improved integration and delivery of human services across Ontario.

Homelessness Network

OMSSA offers structured networking opportunities throughout the year for staff working in homelessness prevention through its Homelessness Network, which meets on a quarterly basis at the OMSSA office.

Housing and Homelessness On-line Forums

OMSSA's on-line Social Housing Discussion Forum and Homelessness Discussion Forum facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the association's members who work in the delivery of social housing and homelessness prevention programs.