Developing a Strategy for your Public Housing Stock - Nov. 3, 2011

On November 3, OMSSA hosted a one day event to help service managers start the conversation about developing a strategy for their public housing stock. Public housing stock is among some of the oldest in the province and much of it is reaching the end of its lifespan. Interactive sessions featured an urban planner talking about navigating the planning process, an expert on community engagement from the Social Housing Services Corporation, service managers who have started taking steps to revitalize their stock and representatives from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). 

By the end of the event, the more than 60 participants went away with ideas to help them start developing their own plan.  The day also helped to distil key areas where deeper discussion is needed.  These will be taken up in an event to be hosted by the Social Housing Services Corporation in 2012. Presentations can be found below.


  • Manitou Rising - Regeneration presentation by Tom Belanger
  • Municipal Context and Community Considerations by Sylvia Patterson