Understanding Ontario Renovates - Nov. 4, 2011

On November 4, Service Managers across Ontario gathered the following day to discuss the new Ontario Renovates program. They shared their experiences delivering the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) program which is being replaced by Ontario Renovates. They discussed the challenges and opportunities come with the new Ontario Renovates program offered under the IAH (Investment in Affordable Housing) program. 

More than 60 attendees had an opportunity to understand the Ontario Renovates program, service manager delivery options and expected issues with the transition. The day ended with a break out session allowing service attendees to discuss some important concerns and questions with Ontario Renovates. Key points from the forum will be available for service managers to utilize as they forge ahead with the decision of whether or not to include Ontario Renovates in their Program Delivery and Fiscal Plan (PDFP). Presentations can be found below.

Click here to view OMSSA's final report from the November 4, 2011 RRAP Forum.


Framing the Issues - Sean Gadon
Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) Ontario Renovates: Hamilton Presentations - David Brodati
Ontario Renovates: Northern Home Repair - Brian Marks
Residentail Rehabilitation, Assistance Program (RRAP) Delivery Agent Approach: Waterloo Presentation - Jeff Schumacher 

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