Core Competencies


The Human Services Leadership Program supports and develops five core competencies that support service system management: 

Applying a Service System Management Framework to Human Services

  • Understanding Systems: Systems thinking and application in human services, the interconnectedness of human services and impact on clients and communities.
  • Understanding linkages: Trends in human services and the municipal legislative environment; Principles of human services integration; and its impact on services delivered to individuals and families. 

Understanding and Managing Change

  • Understanding Change: Current, emerging and impending change in human services, the change process.

  • Managing change: Strategies to lead and manage change in their organizations and communities; managing change resulting from broader public sector initiatives; managing in an environment of change.

  • Issues and crises management: Managing and leading response to negative change.

Organizational Management

  • Leading Strategically: Building strong organizations – critical thinking and effective decision making, strategic management and planning, working in a political environment, understanding municipal administration, succession planning.

  • Managing effectively: Organizational management/development principles – financial management, risk management, performance measurement and continuous improvement, operations management, policy/procedure writing, managing employees.

Managing Relationships – Engagement and Capacity Building

  • Building a strong team: Understand strategies for managing people.

  • Managing relationships: Understand strategies for developing stakeholder relations with internal, external and community partners to support community capacity building.

  • Creating a diverse and vibrant community: Developing strategies to increase inclusion and accessibility in programs to support vibrant communities for all residents.

Managing Yourself and Your Team

  • Leading with vision: Understanding personal values and beliefs and leading with empathy.

  • Developing personal effectiveness: Personal productivity strategies to become strong leaders.

  • Leading teams: Developing strategies to lead teams effectively.