Core Workshops

Participants at the Advanced Level must attend the following core workshops:

Developing a Service System Management Framework for Communities

This workshop will help participants understand and apply a service system management framewok in planning, managing and delivering services across their communities. It will provide participants an understanding of systems thinking; and discuss strategies to support a seamless system of integrated human services towards creating vibrant communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to develop a service system framework for organizations and communities that demonstrates linkages between different departments and sectors and how these linkages impact the end user.

  • How to apply an understanding of Ontario’s human services system vis-a-vis models in other jurisdictions and its intersection with other public and community sectors.

  • How to use knowledge of program and funding policy affecting human services to increase the effectiveness of municipal initiatives.


HSLP participants attending this workshop must bring an understanding of:

  • Understanding systems thinking in planning and managing human services, and why a systems thinking approach across the organization is necessary for better outcomes for the end user.
  • Understanding the service manager’s role and responsibilities as a service system manager.

Participants can submit a letter of support from their manager to attest their understanding of these concepts, or first attend the Developing a Service System Management Approach to Human Services workshop.


Building a Transformative Culture and Leading through Change

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand strategies for the creation of corporate systems/cultures and the executive leadership’s role in bringing about transformation.

  • Understanding transformation and change; creating a learning culture that can tap the transformative potential in systemic fatigue, complaint, and disengagement.

  • Develop strategies for promoting change/transformation throughout their organization towards enhanced integration of departmental and inter-departmental functions

  • Build a personal belief-based leadership style that promotes constructive and permanent transformation and reframes negativity, fatigue and disengagement.

  • Develop an understanding of the concepts of social transformation and how those apply to their corporations.

  • Develop strategies for building resilience into the corporate system in the face of constant change and transformation.

Prerequisite: None