Core Workshops

The program requires attendance at the following core workshops:

Developing a Service System Management Approach to Human Services

This workshop will help participants understand and apply systems thinking in the planning, managing and delivering of integrated human services. It will provide participants an understanding of what systems thinking is and why it is important in human services; and discuss strategies to support a seamless system of integrated human services.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Applying systems thinking to human services, and why a systems thinking approach across the organization is necessary for better outcomes for the end user.

  • Understanding the service manager’s role in implementing provincial, federal and local programs within a municipal decision-making environment. Understanding the accountability framework.

  • Understanding what a service system management approach looks like in human services planning and delivery.


HSLP participants attending this workshop must bring an understanding of:

  • Service system approaches in their program areas.

  • A basic understanding of service manager role and responsibilities, and the various programs and services their organization provides.

  • Understanding of the clients and communities their organization serves.

Participants can submit a letter of support from their manager to attest their understanding of these concepts, or first attend the Understanding Service System Management workshop offered to Associate Level program participants.


Managing Human Services in an Environment of Change 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand change management and transformational theories, and the difference between them.

  • Understand change culture and use of transformative language as management technique for permanent and constructive change.

  • Understand their role in managing change, including:

    • Building teams, and developing accountability processes in leading teams, departments and communities through change.
    • Developing tools and strategies for managing change; and strategies for creating individual action plans to manage responses to change.

  • Develop strategies to understand people’s resistance to change and manage and cultivate the reasons for resistance.
  • Understand mechanics of change management and their application in specific change projects as well as during an overall transformative process.

Prerequisites: None