Family Law Training for the Advanced Family Support Worker

The Advanced Family Law Training session provides a more detailed review of the family law rules than is usually the case in the core training. The primary focus of the session is in working through a series of fact situations that the participants are provided with, dealing firstly with the issue of spousal support, quantum and duration in cases where there are both children and where there are no children. In addition, there is a review of a variation motion in a situation where monies, ongoing and arrears over a period of time, are owed to a regional municipality.

These "cases" are looked at from start to finish in terms of pleadings that are filed by the parties and/or the region where the region is party, through both case and settlement conferences, the briefs that should be filed by the parties and/or the region, a discussion of what a region should and perhaps should not being doing in these situations, offers to settle by the parties and/or the region and the consequences of same are reviewed and then in the event that the matter is not resolvable, trial. The facilitator is open, as learners work through this session, to discussing other issues or specific fact situations that a participant may have.

What you will learn:

  • Calculation of spousal support
  • Trial preparation and conduct in support cases
  • Variation motions and the municipality
  • Imputing income and the self-employed payor and sponsorship

Who should attend:

This course is designed for Family Support Workers who have either taken the FSW core training or have had at least six months on-the-job training.


Two days

About the trainer:

James Stengel is a family law practitioner with the firm of Houghton, Sloniowski & Stengel in Welland, Ontario. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1991, after graduating from the University of Western Ontario Law School. James brings a wealth of experience in family law, having acted as counsel for the Family Responsibility Office, Regional-Municipality of Niagara and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. He is also a past guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UWO, York University, and Niagara College. James has been facilitating FSW sessions for OMSSA since 1998.


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