Family Support Worker Core Training

This intense three-day session will provide new and experienced Family Support Workers (FSW) with practical information. Attendees are provided with the overview of the role and responsibilities of the family support worker, followed by detailed information and discussion on specific issues, challenges and more! Attend this workshop to learn what’s new!

What you will learn:

  • Overview of the court system and role of the Family Support Worker
  • Understanding the family court rules, process and etiquette
  • Related legislation - the Family Law act, Divorce Act, Inter-Jurisdictional Support Orders Act,
  • Legislation and guidelines for establishing paternity, and quantum of child support, spousal and same sex support
  • The sponsorship dilemma – understanding the issues through case studies Legal Liability - costs and offers to settle

Review real life forms, applications and court orders to understand how to complete a court application (for example), or how to help your clients fill out support applications…!

Who should attend:

All social services front-line and management staff, whether new to the field or seeking a refresher


Three days

About the trainer:

James Stengel is a family law practitioner with the firm of Houghton, Sloniowski & Stengel in Welland, Ontario. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1991, after graduating from the University of Western Ontario Law School. James brings a wealth of experience in family law, having acted as counsel for the Family Responsibility Office, Regional-Municipality of Niagara and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. He is also a past guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UWO, York University, and Niagara College. James has been facilitating FSW sessions for OMSSA since 1998.


To bring this workshop in-house, or for more information please contact Christie Herrington, Manager of Education at