Developing Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is here to stay. From personal networking to business communications, many have learned to embrace and harness this new medium. In Ontario’s municipal sector, social media use has grown rapidly. According to the latest results of Redbrick Communications’ Municipal Social Media Survey, 53% of Ontario’s municipalities are now using either Facebook or Twitter,and there are plenty of social media success stories from municipalities large and small. Learn what has worked well and why.

Municipal departments like emergency services, parks and recreation, and economic development were the earliest adopters of social media, but recently, human services departments have started to explore this medium as a way to stay connected to and engage with their clients and communities. This exploration has sparked a number of questions:

  • How can social media help staff connect with partners to better integrate their service delivery?
  • Can social media be used to engage the community to develop and refine social programs?
  • Can social media help staff connect and follow up with clients more effectively?
  • How do you start developing a strategy to integrate social media into human services departments and organizations?

What you will learn:

If this sounds familiar, attend this workshop to get the critical information you need to start Developing your social media strategy.

  • The basics of social media – a brief description of the tools and strategies
  • How it’s being used – emerging trends and best practices from Ontario’s municipal sector and beyond
  • How municipalities and departments of any size can make social media a success
  • Where to start in developing a social media strategy:
  • Setting priorities
  • Allocating resources
  • Creating the policy
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities

Who should attend:

This workshop is well-suited for staff seeking to leverage social media to enhance their work with their communities. Attend this workshop if:

  • You are exploring how best to use social media in your work with clients and communities
  • You want to understand how to develop a plan to use social media to support your goals

This workshop is for the intermediate user who has a basic understanding of popular social media applications.


One day.

Facilitator Information:

Coming soon.


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