Special Purpose Funding

Under the 2013 Ontario Child Care Service Management and Funding Guideline, Special Purpose Funding has two allocation components:

  1. Allocations that are 100 percent provincially funded enhancements to the Core Services allocation intended to reflect unique services delivery demnds. These are: Rural/Remote, Language, Aboriginal, Cost of Living and FDK Transition.
  2. Allocations that align with the Ministry priorities to support, supplement or transform the delivery of child care services are: Transformation, Capacity Building, Repairs and Maintenance, Territory without Municipal Organization and Small Water Works.

The OMSSA Early Learning and Child Care Capacity Building Project has developed two formats of Special Purpose funding appplications that service managers may find helpful. These are:

  1. Consolidated Special Purpose Funding Application and;
  2. Individual Special Purpose Funding Appplication for each of the four Special Purpose Expense Categories.