Campaign 47 Member Toolkit

Campaign 47 is a province-wide initiative launched by OMSSA in 2005 to advocate for increased investment in social infrastructure across Ontario. To promote its messages, the association released issue papers and advocacy materials on the themes of economic security, early learning and child care, and housing and homelessness.

Since the campaign began, OMSSA representatives have taken their case to members of the federal and provincial governments while many Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) have undertaken local campaigns directed at elected representatives and community leaders.

A supplementary research paper, Demonstrating the Value of Social Investments, is available to those participating in the campaign. The document contains quotations for council reports, community presentations and media releases regarding early learning and child care, housing and the prevention of homelessness, and economic security, as well as a generic section which considers all three policy areas together.

This main report is supported by three compendium documents which summarize the research and literature reviewed by a sub-committee of OMSSA’s Policy and Advocacy Committee in each of the three areas: early learning and child care, housing and homelessness, and income security. These documents contain many items of information that can be readily used and adapted by OMSSA members.

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