Strategies and Action Plans

Often an overlooked element of a long term strategy is the development of the short and medium action plans. A long term strategy must set the vision for where the housing should go, and lay out a path for getting there. Action plans contain the short and medium term commitments which will start the community on the path to achieving the vision.


1. Identify the key issues to be addressed in the strategy

  • the results of the needs analysis and public consultation will have identified a series of issues acroos the whole housing system which require attention

2. Develop options to address the key issues

  • explore resources …

3. Describe how the options will be developed, such as:

  • use of Government programs
  • development of partnerships

4. Commit to outcomes that will result from these actions

  • set specific objectives and targets
  • set a schedule for the implementation
  • identifiy groups responsible for the implementation

Examples of good action plans: