Draft Strategy

The development of a long term plan is a long and iterative process. Publishing a draft strategy will allow all members of the community to have a shared understanding of the challenges ahead and a starting point to contribute to future developments.


1. Articulate a vision - what you want to see happen as a result of this plan

  • make sure vision addresses the whole housing system and the full continuum of housing needs
  • make sure vision is inclusive and addresses the aspirations of all stakeholders in your communities
  • Who was involved in the development of the vision? Are all stakeholders represented?

2. Clearly articulate issues identified in the public consultation and needs assessment

3. Assess challenges

  • has the information been used to describe the issues appropriate
  • have all stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute
  • have all externalities been identified.

4. Describe opportunities

  • link to needs of other identified agencies and stakeholders

5. Priorities

  • describe the 3 to 5 high level outcomes that will be the focus of your activities
  • identify what will be the result of your activities – can these results be described as a target

6. Implementation

  • communicate clear actionable high level outcome
  • ensure outcomes relate to the visio
  • identify is responsible for plan imlementatio
  • communicate how will success be measured and how will progress be monitored
  • describe how stakeholders will get involved

Strategy Checklist: HHRC – Strategy checklist