Defining Scope

There are two important perspectives that need to be considered when defining the scope of these 10 year plans, legislated requirements and local priorities as defined by discussions in the local communities.

The first is the requirements determined by Housing Services Act and government policy as articulated in the Housing Policy Statement found in the Housing Services Act and regulations, and the Housing Policy Statement  . The language used in these documents is broad enough to give the Service Managers the flexibility to guide the plans in ways which are best for the local community.

It is also important to acknowledge that these local plans should be aspirational and iterative. While we accept that we are all working in constrained environments it remains critical that our plans be guided by a clear vision of what we want out communities to be. The plans are intended capture the vision that a local community has for its housing system, and the actions which will be taken to enable that vision to be realized. While it is important that the strategies have practical and achievable action plans, they must also be ambitious enough to inspire the communities to strive to make meaningful improvement to the housing conditions for all of their citizens.

This leads to the second perspective which recognizes the importance of  local flexibility being guided by best practice to support the development of plan which are appropriate for the local circumstances in the communities which are subject to the plans. The Local Plans cannot predict the future but should articulate how the community will respond to changing circumstances. The scope for the initial Local Plans will be determined by many factors including the current activities of the Service Managers, the capacity for Service Managers to stimulate system change, and the political direction at play in the communities.