Common Language and Common Vision

The adoption of a common language and common vision is one of four key principles that underlie effective service integration initiatives.

When you begin to explore and initiate integration across services and programs, you will inevitably discover that while you may share with like-minded people a desire to improve services for the people who use them, you are not talking the same language at all.

Not only will language and vocabulary vary from person to person and program to program, but the values and philosophies reflected in the language may vary as well.

If you do not take the time to have a discussion at the beginning of your service integration efforts regarding language and values, it is likely that this omission will come back to haunt you later in the process.

A critical question to be asked in moving through an examination of these differences is: what is our shared or common vision?

To assist with these discussions, you can pose the following questions among yourselves:

Key Questions

  • What terms do we each use for the people we serve?
  • What do these terms tell us about the way we view the people we serve?
  • What do these terms tell us about our values?
  • Are there key differences? Where are there common or shared understandings?
  • What is our common vision?

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