Ottawa Community Housing Corporation, Property Manager

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Property Management, the Property Manager is responsible for identifying maintenance requirements and managing the planned maintenance of OCH property and managing related plans, programs, activities and contracted services for assigned communities.




SALARY RANGE: ANNUALLY $81,662 - $96,616





WEEKLY HOURS: 36.25   


Reporting to the Senior Manager, Property Management, the Property Manager is responsible for identifying maintenance requirements and managing the planned maintenance of OCH property and managing related plans, programs, activities and contracted services for assigned communities. These activities include preventive maintenance matters related to fire life safety and unit assessment programs. The Property Manager plays a central role in shaping a positive tenant experience, acts as a liaison and engages with tenants and works collaboratively with various internal and external stakeholders to deliver a high standard of customer service. The Property Manager monitors, evaluates and manages the operation of the assigned work unit, managing financial resources and providing overall supervision and direction to assigned staff and driving continuous improvement. 


A typical candidate will have the following qualifications and experience. Exceptional candidates with different qualifications will be considered at the discretion of the employer if demonstrated experience, knowledge and ability warrant.

  • Completion of a post-secondary education in a related field
  • A minimum of four (4) years of related experience, including experience managing staff
  • Experience managing staff in a unionized environment is an asset
  • A Property Management designation, or an ability to work towards one is required (e.g., BOMI, RPA, FMA, CPM) 


  • Best practices for maintaining building systems, preventative maintenance and routine building maintenance
  • Knowledge of cleaning services, pest management, snow removal, landscaping and waste management
  • Understanding of the diverse needs, abilities and social, economic, cultural and other factors present in OCH tenant communities, including poverty, disability, mental health, age and cultural diversity
  • Energy, conservation measures and strategies and environmental hazards
  • Knowledge of OCH standards and specifications related to maintenance service contracts, materials, and supplies
  • Knowledge of property risk management, safety and emergency preparedness and response
  • Knowledge of the Ontario Fire Code sufficient to direct staff and contractors in complying with the requirements of complex fire safety systems
  • Knowledge of project and time management practices
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, database applications and other standard corporate software
  • Understanding of the values, vision and mission of Ottawa Community Housing and a commitment to support those objectives
  • Knowledge of applicable health and safety legislation, including the rights and responsibilities of workers and supervisors
  • Must be familiar with all applicable statutory requirements, policies, procedures and guidelines relevant to area of work 


Interactive Communications - Communicates effectively with multiple stakeholders and in multiple contexts.   It includes using tact and diplomacy, and the ability to convey ideas and information, both orally and in writing in a way that enhances understanding.

  • Actively listens, using probing questions and paraphrasing to clarify issues and interests
  • Supports messages with relevant data, information examples, and provides level of detail needed to enhance understanding
  • Adapts terminology and phrasing for the audience and situation
  • Produces concise, clear, grammatically correct and well-organized e-mails, letters and other documentation
  • Addresses arguments and solutions to the interests of others, reflecting mutual “win-win” solutions
  • Decides on the appropriate mode of communication and how to deliver the message depending on the potential impact or sensitivity of the message
  • Synthesizes large amounts of information quickly and explains it to others in a manner that enhances their understanding
  • Remains factual in providing information to various sources (e.g., when taking on a representational role or when dealing with the media)

Leadership - Demonstrates self-awareness of impact of behaviours on others. Shows respect for individuals and the corporation. Exemplifies and builds a shared commitment to the vision of Ottawa Community Housing.

  • Links day-to-day tasks to priorities and business strategies
  • Puts the needs of the corporation ahead of the interests of the work unit and self-interests
  • Demonstrates personal integrity by following through on commitments
  • States own perspective while recognizing other viewpoints
  • Manages own emotions in challenging and difficult situations, remaining focused on the issues at hand
  • Recognizes own strengths and limitations, and seeks help in areas that are beyond personal capability
  • Publicly supports and adapts to corporate decisions and changes to established ways of operating
  • Takes personal responsibility for dealing with issues that arise in area of responsibility
  • Communicates the vision and desired outcomes in understandable, descriptive terms
  • States own views clearly and confidently in controversial or tense situations, always with the corporation’s best interests at heart
  • Translates widely varied information into realistic strategic plans
  • Understands and uses actions and behaviors necessary to facilitate organizational change
  • Provides focus for self and others in dynamic situations in order to reach the optimal decision

Developing People and Teams - Promotes teamwork; works collaboratively with others to achieve goals and plans. Provides coaching and learning opportunities to optimize individual and team performance.

  • Matches coaching and leadership style to the needs of individuals and teams
  • Seeks and values input from others
  • Clearly communicates performance expectations (for work team, self and management team)
  • Provides timely and constructive feedback in a supportive manner
  • Encourages and supports innovative ideas
  • Recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of others
  • Facilitates discussions and meetings in a manner that encourages individuals to express their ideas, opinions and concerns
  • Assigns and delegates responsibilities effectively; demonstrates confidence in staff’s ability to carry out work
  • Delegates decision-making to the level with the knowledge, information and expertise to make the decision
  • Takes calculated risks that yield benefits beyond those that are immediately obvious
  • Nurtures and rewards innovation and calculated risk-taking in others
  • Creates clarity and focus in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Keeps others apprised of changes that impact their ability to achieve strategies

Client Focus - Integrates a client focus into work plans, programs and strategies by setting high standards of service and responding to client feedback. Mobilizes support for the corporation’s vision and objectives by building and sustaining productive internal and external networks and partnerships.

  • Demonstrates understanding of the social, political and legislative environments within which the corporation operates
  • Facilitates staff access to the people, information and tools needed to do their work
  • Works collaboratively with other teams and partners to meet client needs in the most effective manner
  • Values client input and feedback on services
  • Identifies who needs to be involved and in what capacity in order to accomplish objectives and minimize obstacles
  • Conducts environmental scanning to identify changes needed to strategies and/ or to influence stakeholder decision making
  • Establishes and maintains strong and reciprocal relationships and networks to keep a pulse on public, political and internal issues
  • Promotes and represents the corporation’s vision for clients in all arenas
  • Understands the agendas of key stakeholders and opinion leaders

Analysis, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Identifies, defines and analyzes problems and situations relying on the use of data and a solid understanding of business strategies. Demonstrates good judgement by making sound inferences and drawing logical conclusions.

  • Stays up to date on corporate direction, the activities of other functions and best practices related to area of responsibility
  • Identifies data, information and people needed for analysis
  • Analyzes relationships among several parts of a problem or situation, recognizing patterns and connections that may not be related on the surface
  • Seeks innovative solutions that make effective use of organizational resources.
  • Thinks ahead about next steps, and potential implications of decision
  • Is able to take action based on limited, critical data
  • Engages others, balancing multiple perspectives when setting direction or reaching conclusions (e.g. partner, stakeholder interests, organizational implications)
  • Takes action consistent with a significant understanding of the broader operational, policy and political implications
  • Recognizes and acts on new and unique opportunities inherent in ambiguous situations
  • Anticipates the implications of new ideas and their potential impact on other areas of the corporation

Results / Outcomes Focus: Effectively plans, organizes and uses resources (human, time, financial and material) to achieve desired objectives, while managing risks, change and performance.

  • Plans and organizes resources to efficiently accomplish work and objectives
  • Monitors progress against plan or budget, anticipates potential issues, and prepares contingency plans as required
  • Adapts to changing or dynamic priorities, and demonstrates the ability to simultaneously manage multiple responsibilities
  • Demonstrates initiative and resourcefulness to achieve planned activities within timelines.
  • Holds self and others accountable for results
  • Understands how the various parts of the organization are interrelated and uses this understanding in planning and managing
  • Analyzes potential risks and implements risk mitigation strategies
  • Sets clear performance expectations, ensures resources are available to achieve objectives and holds individuals and teams accountable for results achieved and the manner in which they are achieved
  • Thinks and plans in future-oriented terms
  • Negotiates sensitive issues where there are no precedents 


  • Manages the planned maintenance of all building components, systems, equipment and grounds, including fire, life and safety systems, for assigned communities
  • Manages contracted services for assigned communities, including the procurement, monitoring and evaluation of contractors, working in collaboration with Business Services, as required
  • Works with internal staff and external contractors to ensure the timely and environmentally responsible delivery of all maintenance activities and programs for assigned communities, including janitorial, pest management, snow removal, landscaping, and waste management
  • Ensures ongoing monitoring and updating of OCH’s housing management system, including to create, assign, monitor, manage and document work, and validate and approve invoices
  • Ensures completion of all required checks, inspections, drills and tests, the completion of all required records, logs and documentation and adherence to OCH policies and procedures and all statutory requirements, including applicable Codes, regulations, by-laws and standards
  • Provides leadership and overall management of staff within areas of responsibility, including assigning, monitoring and evaluating work, setting work plans, priorities and expectations, coaching, developing and motivating staff, and ensuring effective service delivery
  • Identifies, plans for and manages human resources needs for assigned area of responsibility, including hiring, termination, discipline, investigations and grievances
  • Engages tenants and provides information, education and support on a range of community and corporate issues, initiatives and activities, contributing to a positive tenant experience through effective and compassionate tenant interactions
  • Receives, investigates and responds to tenant inquiries and complaints, referring to other resources as required and ensuring appropriate documentation and timely follow-up
  • Identifies and escalates preventative and capital maintenance requirements and supports the development and implementation of related plans, projects and initiatives
  • Conducts regular site condition assessments and inspections to determine maintenance and unit refurbishment requirements and to evaluate work performed by contractors and staff
  • Manages the effective and efficient operation of areas of responsibility, monitoring and reporting on adherence to targets and performance indicators, and driving continuous improvement
  • Identifies, assesses and approves tenant chargebacks for maintenance work
  • Participates in Landlord and Tenant Board proceedings and facilitates evictions when necessary
  • Ensures the appropriate preventative maintenance, repair and follow-up for assigned vehicles
  • Supports the preparation of and manages assigned budgets, monitors expenditures, ensures the timely validation and approval of invoices, and ensures costs are controlled
  • Provides after hours on call management on a rotational basis
  • Supports emergency planning, and the implementation of the Emergency Management Plan
  • Ensures the safe disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with statutory requirements and OCH policies and procedures
  • Participates in management team meetings, departmental and corporate workgroups, committees and initiatives as identified
  • Works in collaboration with other staff in a team approach to service delivery
  • Ensures the timely investigation, response to, and documentation of all workplace incidents
  • Ensures that own work and the work of all staff aligns with OCH values and objectives
  • Ensures that own work and the work of all employees is carried out in accordance with applicable health, safety and privacy legislation, policies and procedures, and all other legislation, policies and procedures relevant to area of work 


  • Oral fluency and reading and writing abilities in English is required
  • Oral fluency and reading and writing abilities in French is preferred, but may be required to meet operational requirements
  • An ability to speak additional languages commonly used by OCH tenants is an asset 


  • Satisfactory Criminal Records Check
  • Valid “G” driver’s license and use of a personal vehicle for business purposes
  • Ability to work outside of regular business hours, including participating in an on-call rotation

Please submit your application at We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

OCH is committed to providing accommodations for people with disabilities. If you require an accommodation, please notify Human Resources and we will work with you to jointly address your needs.