Nomination, Recognition & Past Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award 


Recognizing the long-standing contribution of exceptional OMSSA members who have recently retired or who plan on retiring in the year that the award is given.

Eligibility criteria are:

  • Active participation with the association evidenced by at least two of the following:

      • Member of OMSSA networks

      • Member of OMSSA task forces/working groups

      • Member of OMSSA standing committees

      • Member of OMSSA Board of Directors

      • Member of OMSSA Zone executives.

  • Representation of OMSSA on at least one external table, thereby making contributions to human services’ policy and implementation in Ontario.  These include:

      • A committee, working group or table of the provincial government

      • A committee, working group or table of the federal government

      • A committee, working group or table of the Association of Municipalities in Ontario (AMO)

      • A committee, working group of table of OMSSA specifically designed to partner with another association, order of government or sector.

  • A documented meaningful contribution to OMSSA that strengthened the association in one of the following areas:

      • Policy development

      • Educational programs and events development

      • Governance and sustainability

      • Reputation with external stakeholders.

  • A documented, meaningful contribution to the improvement of human service policy and implementation at any order of government.

Nomination Process

Any OMSSA member can nominate another individual, including themselves. Nominators will fill out a nomination form in order to provide specific details about the nominee (role, achievements, length of time employed in human services). This form also includes a section for a brief written submission explaining why the nominee should be considered. Submissions can be made directly to the Awards and Recognition Committee at


Recipients will be honoured at OMSSA's Annual Leadership Symposium and added to a “Hall of Fame” of OMSSA members.

Past Recipients


Marsha Millar
Director of Children's Services, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Dave Overboe
Director of Social Services, County of Huron

Jane Soldera
Director of Social Development and Early Childhood Services, City of Hamilton


Merv Hughes
Manager, Social Housing, County of Norfolk

Heather MacVicar
General Manager, Toronto Employment and Social Services, City of Toronto

Sally Pincock
Housing Initiatives Coordinator, Regional Municipality of Halton


Ronna Warsh
Community Development and Health Commissioner, City of Windsor

Wendy Stewart
Manager, Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities Community Services Department, Region of Niagara

Carmen Oulette
Manager Children’s Services, City of Greater Sudbury


Mary Lucas 
General Manager, Social Services, District of Thunder Bay

Bill White 
Chief Administrative Officer, Nipissing Social Services Board

Connie Woloschuk
Board Member and Chair of OMSSA Advocacy Group

Valerie Sauer 

Johanne Talon 
Chair and Co-Chair for the Social Services Staffing Committee, City of Ottawa

Susan Norden 
Director of Child Care Services, City of Brantford