Advocacy & Government Relations

Local, provincial, and federal policies provide critical frameworks for human services in Ontario. To be effective, services have to be responsive to the needs of people in their communities. Therefore, OMSSA advocates on behalf of our members to ensure that processes and policies reflect municipal service manager human services expertise.

We do this by:

  • Working proactively to ensure our members have the information and supports they need to inform local policy processes. 
  • Working collaboratively with our partners to ensure that provincial and federal policies affecting human services are informed by local service manager knowledge and expertise.
  • Enhancing collaborative partnerships and alliances at municipal and provincial senior staff levels
  • Developing frameworks for joint policy and implementation consultation and planning with partners as appropriate
  • Establishing linkages to research and policy institutes
  • Using targeted project and task teams to focus on specific policy issues
  • Providing targeted, timely information tailored to specific audiences to inform federal, provincial and local planning and decision-making


Please see our Communications page for other resources including OMSSA positions and papers and Information Alerts.