Bringing accessiblity solutions into local human services planning: ADC and OMSSA


Adaptability Canada and OMSSA are pleased to announce their partnership to support excellence in integrating higher accessibility standards into municipal human services system management.  

Adaptability Canada will provide OMSSA members and public housing corporations with consulting solutions including:

  • Portfolio Review: A macro risk assessment of large portfolios of property to identify risk and prioritize investments.
  • Accessible Property Assessment: A detailed assessment outlining exceptions according to three types of risk: safety, compliance and service. This solution delivers a two part report:
    • A detailed Exceptions Report backed by intensive photo-evidence.
    • A Recommendations Report outlining short, mid and long term options for improving specific exceptions.
  • Construction Audit: A third party inspection and opinion on an existing construction project to audit and identify any potential shortfalls in accessible building requirements and help minimize the risk of retrofit.
  • Inclusive Workplace Assessment: A detailed assessment of employee spaces to identify areas of improvement and recommend options for creating an safe, happier, healthier work environment.
  • Inclusive (Universal) Design: Design consulting to improve design standards and best practices on specific projects or in support of national design standards.
  • Strategic Consulting: Strategic advice and support to clients tackling complex challenges in the pursuit of service excellence and inclusion.

By working together, Adaptability Canada and OMSSA will help municipalities continue to create open, healthy, safe and thriving communities, maximizing the value of public investment. 

Discount for OMSSA members

OMSSA members will receive a 15% discount on Adaptability Canada's consulting services. The first three OMSSA members to sign up for the pilot program with Adaptability Canada will receive a 20% discount on their services. 

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