2023 OMSSA Forum

2023 OMSSA Forum

Exploring Human Services: Practices from Near and Far

In Ontario, the unique administration and delivery of social services at the municipal and district level allows for critical programs and services to be delivered in a way that meets the different local needs of communities. While this structure puts local expertise at the forefront, the challenges faced by CMSMs and DSSABs are global. Many, if not all, jurisdictions outside of the province, and outside of the country, are also dealing with how to effectively address issues such as poverty, homelessness, mental health, addictions, child care, and equity. With this in mind, how can we effectively leverage our unique social services structure in Ontario? Can we learn from and take inspiration from our peers in different parts of the country and world to enhance our current services and programs?

OMSSA's 2023 Forum, which will take place virtually on September 26 and 27, will explore the planning and delivery of social services nationally and internationally to understand which practices can inform and corroborate the work being done by CMSMs and DSSABs in Ontario. Over two days, we will hear from experts and human services staff from near and far who will speak to how they administer service-based social programs and develop innovative policies. This Forum will offer an opportunity for all human services staff to take a glimpse beyond their regions, and the province, to better understand the national and global state of social services, and how to collectively approach common challenges.  

Registration Will Open Soon

Registration will open soon for OMSSA's 2023 Forum on September 26 & 27, 2023. 

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