Remote Work Resources

After the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed our working world, OMSSA worked quickly to deliver two free webinars for our members to support them in their transition to remote work. If you missed it, you can still access the webinar recordings below:

Woman working on computer holding a mug

Tips and Tools for Working from Home

Amidst a global pandemic, you find yourself working at home, beside the laundry, the fridge and possibly even the children who are typically in school or child care. How to manage? This 60-minute webinar offers tips and tools on how to navigate your new situation. A situation full of uncertainty, but also one with windows where you can build in structure, team-building and potentially even innovative approaches to age-old challenges. Let's get you re-focused and re-charged to integrate your new work from home reality!

Access the Webinar Recording

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Leading a Team Remotely

COVID-19 has changed our world. Through it all, you are still leading a team. A team that is working remotely, with clients, staff and the entire globe living in a pandemic. The pressures are rising, and yet your computer software is still at "the office." This 60-minute webinar offers tips and tools on how to lead a team remotely. Practical and easy to adopt, these simple tips will help you reduce anxiety and re-think how to create results in these uncertain times.

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