Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in increasing your company’s presence within the human services sectors across Ontario? Are you looking for a strategic partnership that benefits clients and services users who rely on critical services every day?

The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) supports, represents, and connects Ontario’s 47 Service System Managers, acting as the go-to and go-through organization for Ontario’s human services sectors (employment and income supports, housing services, homelessness services and prevention, child care, children’s and early years services).

OMSSA and its members are always looking to build and strengthen strong partnerships with people and organizations inside and outside of the sector, to align our work along common goals and strengthen human services management and delivery in Ontario.

Get your organization in front of OMSSA's Members to:

  • Present your brand to the most influential thought leaders in the sector.
  • Build lasting relationships.
  • Showcase your company as an employer of choice within your sector. 
  • Be recognized as a go-to leader in the municipal sector.

We have some great advertising and sponsorship opportunities for you to explore:

  • Year-Round Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate Sponsorship provides an opportunity to align your brand with OMSSA and connect with our members with ongoing communications extending your brand exposure beyond specific events.

  • Conferences and Forums: OMSSA brings together hundreds of human services staff from across Ontario to exchange knowledge, best practices and creative solutions, and discuss policy priorities. 

  • Lunch and Learns: OMSSA offers knowledge exchange opportunities for members to learn about a specific topic, product and/or service. These opportunities can be tailored to a specific sector and network, or to a wider audience of OMSSA members.

  • Digital Properties: OMSSA offers opportunities to advertise your organization, product and/or service on the following digital properties: 
    • Job Board - A weekly enewsletter round-up and webpage featuring the latest career opportunities and job postings in the broader human services sector.
    • OMSSA Today enewsletter - A bi-weekly digest featuring the latest news, updates, and resources for human services professionals.
    • Knowledge Exchange Blog - A monthly enewsletter round-up and webpage featuring the latest human services blog posts published on OMSSA's Knowledge Exchange Blog.

Advertising options include:

  • Leaderboard banner (newsletter) (600x200 pixels) - place your banner ad at the top of any OMSSA enewsletter
  • Secondary banner (newsletter) (600x200 pixels) - place your banner in another popular location in our enewsletters
  • Leaderboard banner (web) (728x90 pixels) - place your banner ad at the top of specific webpages on the OMSSA website
  • Square ad (web) (336x280 pixels) - place your ad in the second most popular spot on specific OMSSA webpages
  • Partner Knowledge Exchange Blog Post (Non-Members only) - publish a sponsored blog post
  • Sponsored Content Ad with one (1) image (200x200 pixels) and one (1) link promoting your product and/or service. Available for OMSSA Today enewsletter only.
  • Featured Jobs: Employers can gain greater exposure for their job postings by opting for this feature that moves roles to the top of the list. Employers can indicate their interest in this when submitting a role for OMSSA's Job Board at

  • Career Announcements: Promote important career milestones happening within your organization to Members across the human services sectors. Employers can indicate their interest in this when submitting a role for OMSSA's Job Board at

Get your organization in front of OMSSA’s Members! Let’s chat.

Let's start a conversation about how we can work together:

For advertising and sponsorship enquires and prospectus, please contact:

Paul Mallon, Business Development Specialist

For other opportunities to work with OMSSA:

Advocacy, Research and Sector Alignment

Contact Doug Ball, Executive Director
Contact Doug by email | 647-385-2441

Training and Professional Development

Contact Christie Herrington, Director, Education
Contact Christie by email | 647-385-9285

Supporting OMSSA

The Association would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support of OMSSA as our Associate Corporate Sponsors. Please click on the logos below to visit their websites and learn more about these organizations.