OMSSA Speakers Series

OMSSA is pleased to announce the return of our Speakers Series webinars for 2024. Building on our successful webinars in 2023, OMSSA will bring in guest speakers to discuss topics and issues you want to hear more about in the human services sectors. These webinars will be hosted by the Association. 

Our first webinar is coming up on February 29th, and more information can be found below. We will host webinars that cover the three sectors within human services: Children's Services, Employment and Income, and Housing and Homelessness. More information on our remaining webinars will be shared later in the year. 

There is no cost to attend this webinar, but registration is required. Please click on the registration link associated with each webinar to complete the process. Please note: Speakers and sessions are subject to change. Members who have questions can contact OMSSA at

A Review of Homelessness Encampments Across Canada

February 29, 2024

1:00PM to 2:00PM

Canada’s Federal Housing Advocate is a unique human rights accountability mechanism established to advance the right to adequate housing in Canada and monitor the National Housing Strategy. Located within the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Advocate works to amplify the voices of people experiencing inadequate housing and homelessness and hold governments to account on their human rights obligations. In this session, we will introduce the right to housing and the Advocate’s mandate. The Session will include a brief overview of the Advocate’s mandate and discuss the Advocate’s final report and recommendations resulting from her national review of encampments, which has been be released on February 13, 2024.

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Moderator: Kelly Goz, Manager (A), Homelessness Special Projects, Housing Hub, City of Windsor

Jessica Losier
Data Research Analyst, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate

Ruby Bissett
Data Research Analyst, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate

Ian Hamilton
Senior Advisor, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate

Emily Paradis
Senior Advisor, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate

Catherine McKenney
Special Advisor, Engagement, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate


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