2021 Defining Pathways to Reconciliation Forum

OMSSA hosted more than 350 people from their homes and offices across Ontario and beyond for our 2021 Defining Pathways to Reconciliation Forum. Thank you to all of those who presented, attended, engaged, and helped make the Forum a success.

Over two days, our Forum brought together human services and Indigenous leaders to collectively envision where we want to be in the Reconciliation process ten years from now and discuss how to get there in the context of the relationship between the Indigenous community and municipal social services in Ontario.  

Full Program Details

Forum Materials

OMSSA has put together a list of presenter contact information for interested members to reach out with questions and for assistance: 

A takeaway document was created for the Forum so attendees could think about their own SWOT analysis when it comes to Indigenous relations in your communities:

Isadore Day and his organization, Bimaadzwin, has developed its report summarizing the Forum: