2020 Virtual Mental Health Forum

October 21-22, 2020

OMSSA 2020 Mental Health Forum

OMSSA hosted more than 750 people from their homes and offices across Ontario and beyond at our first-ever virtual Mental Health Forum.

The two-day virtual event focused on building skills and understanding to bolster resiliency and self-care for those working in the human services sector, and those they work to support, exploring topics like: 

  • Resilience in destabilizing times

  • Mental health and identity

  • Mental health leadership for organizations

  • Fostering hope and optimism

  • Stress and traumatic stress in the workplace

  • Remote work and mental health

  • Supporting the mental health needs of clients

  • De-escalation and crisis management techniques

  • COVID-19, mental health and children

  • COVID-19 and the escalating opioid crisis

  • Seniors' mental health and reducing social isolation

  • Racism and mental health